Intelligent Advertising for Innovative Brands

Revitalizing the antiquated, hazardous, and inefficient aerial advertising industry, Sustainable Skylines will use environmentally-sound drones on a national scale to deliver a superior advertising vehicle will displace gas-guzzling airplanes with that improves and cares for both the environment and communities in-which we operate.

Sustainable Skylines aims to be a responsible member of the communities we serve by taking a proactive approach to making our neighborhoods a better place to live. We will accomplish this by donating advertising services to public service, non-profit, and governmental organizations for them to communicate information to positively affect the lives of those in the community. Understanding that these entities are essential to building and maintaining a healthy community, yet most lack the marketing budget of a corporation, we will offer heavily discounted  and complimentary ad-space for such entities. To the same extent, we will seek to promote arts, cultural diversity, and education within the communities we operate within. We will look to promote emerging artists, local arts councils, and other cultural events. As an amplifier for local voices, we will ensure that we serve a supportive role in making communities more beautiful and culturally rich.

Given our priorities toward sustainability, we will look to align our services with companies and brands that share our responsibility to the earth and communities around us. We will refuse our services to companies that don’t align with our mission statement, as we are a medium for good-hearted entities to advertise and spread their message.

Our commitment to sustainability is something we will implement in all aspects of our company and culture. We will continue to educate ourselves and our audiences on ways we can improve the world around us.